Nick Wood

Houdini Artist!

Fluid surface - Vorticity

Fluid lady 2023 video 1 - 3 mewters small scale flip. ST 48000 on the FLIP masterclass.

FlipSOP turn of ST blur for nicer reuslts.

Whiteeater source – Different methods of adding particles - try each setting in isolation –Take limits from main flip llimits collision add collision source and volume –bouyancy how fast particles under teh water rize to the surface Hit the foam tab for the main things that drive the look.

Constraint stiffness for nicer shapes without flyaway particles.

Erosion - nice die away. Repelant - Juri doesn’t like that. Adhesion project to asurface.

Alehandro surface tension - Actually straightforward to understand mean curvature

Whitewater masterclass - Includes a vortex

Boundarys Flip comes with problems. THe edges of teh domain create reflections, the boundary layers allow particles to leave the sim, and maintain velocity.

Masterclass 16 - 4:21 Waterline “Anything above the waterline can leae” “anything below the watelrine is cotaniend”

Boundary layer is much more advanced version of water;line. Scripted velocity at the volume limits - in fow and outflow


Surface extrapolation - mimic adhesion? More interesting splashes with low vlaues.